Englewood, TennesseeEnglewood Christian Church

One Christ, One Body, Love for All

The mission of Englewood Christian Church is...to carry out the
Great Commission through love, biblical training, and service.

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Englewood Christan Church - Leadership


Elder Joe Meeks and Mazie (Church Secretary)
Elder Joe Meeks and Mazie Meeks (Church Secretary)


Elder John Hale and Marian
Marian Hale and Elder John Hale


Elder Johnny Black and Nannie Sue
Nannie Sue Black and Elder Johnny Black


Elder Bob and Judy Kirksey
Judy and Elder Bob Kirksey


Elder Ken and Lynn Lewis
Lynn and Elder Ken Lewis


Englewood Christian Church
PO Box 67 / 308 Englewood Avenue
Englewood, TN 37329
Phone: 423-887-7837